Braces / Invisalign (Invisible Braces)

Orthodontic Treatment helps in straightening the teeth by aligning them properly. Proper alignment of teeth not only improves appearance but is also required for proper functionality. Bad bite or misaligned jaw can be resolved thus improving bite function. Properly aligned teeth are also less prone to cavities and decays. Teeth straightening is beneficial for both children and adults.


Adults often have two major concerns about getting orthodontic treatment done: Appearance of wired, metal braces and the long duration of the treatment. Invisalign alleviates this issue by providing clear aligners that are virtually invisible and thus help you smile with confidence.

Advantages of Invisalign:

We also provide metal braces. Sometimes if the correction to teeth required is severe or if there is overcrowding of teeth, metal braces may be required. Or a combination of both metal braces and clear aligners may be recommended by your dentist.

At North Square Dental all aspects of your lifestyle, facial features and the amount of correction required for your teeth will be considered and a suitable treatment plan designed for you to achieve that perfect smile!

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