Kids Dentistry

At North Square Dental, we genuinely believe that oral hygiene and care are very important for our overall well-being and starting care at an early age is key! It is recommended that children first visit the dentist at least before their first birthday!

We offer Free Treatment for some basic dental treatments for eligible children under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, a scheme introduced by the Australian Government.

A visit to the dentist (even if not for any treatment) can help children learn about proper brushing techniques and developing and maintaining good oral hygiene habits. With regular visits, we can help them prevent plaque, tartar and decays.

We understand that any kind of dental treatment for little children can make both them and the parents very anxious. We therefore give lots of importance to provide our young patients with gentle dental care and make them feel comfortable.

Sometimes just getting a child to open their mouth is a win for the dentist! It really helps if parents can get children around to visit the dentist even if there is no treatment required. It helps them familiarize with the environment, dentist and staff!

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